Saturday, September 7, 2013

Svedka, imported Swedish Vokda

Saving money on vodka is a tricky subject because it is very easy to get a really bad and cheap vodka. There are many brands that cost around $10 for a 750 ml bottle, some are considerably better than others. Those listed below are my favorites that, depending on the market, will only pinch your pocket book for $10. Some people like to really save money on vodka and go for the $10 or less liters like McCormick, Popov and Hawkeye. Unless you use a filtering system of your own like the VodkaStick or want an enormous hangover tomorrow, I recommend you stay away from those. The cost savings is not worth it. 6 of the Best Brands of Vodka for $10 By Colleen Graham, Guide
I have not posted anything this year: I have not tasted anything new or interesting either... and then I come across a fund raiser where vodka not wine is served for guests. There was not much variety offered that afternoon... in fact, I had to ask what was in the small plasic cup. The Steward showed be BIG empty bottle with the Svedka blue band around it.  I was just as impressed with the size of the JUG as with it contents. I don't drink vodka with any regularity and never straight, so I was surprised by the favor and smoothness....

Review Notes:

Lantamannen is a Swedish farmers co-op that was commissioned by Constellation Brands to produce vodka... in this case, resulting in the Svedka label. Svekda vodka is made from Swedish winter wheat and claims to have been voted the best vodka of 2033. That's not a typo... they have claimed victory at a future date; which is nicely in keeping with their robot-lady (the party bot) mascot.

68 reviews of Svedka For the price (15 U.S. 750 ml), this vodka can't be beat! I was expecting some antiseptic tasting liquor, but I was pleasantly surprised. The smell is quite pungent, no berries here, but it goes down smooth and has a refreshing aftertaste. ... Give this stuff a try. It's well worth the price. Reviewer: d mirante | Score: 3