Friday, June 26, 2009

Tired of your standard white? Do not like Reds? Try a blend...of three classic red grape wines

2007 Ménage à Trois Red
PRICE - $12 PER BOTTLEEven if red wine is not your speed, give our Ménage à Trois Red a try. This wine exposes the fresh, ripe, jam-like fruit that is the calling card of California wine. Three saucy grapes make up the blend. Zinfandel adds a juicy character, Merlot mellows and Cabernet adds backbone. Forward, spicy and soft, this delicious dalliance makes the perfect trio.

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  1. I've had this one, and it's delightful. In spite of the fact that it's obviously a player in the modern trend of cutesy clever labeling, it's a well-done wine. But then how could they resist the naming when the winery is named Folie à Deux?

    Reminds me of another Freud-wine connection. I have a promotional refrigerator magnet--from when my late husband worked in the offices of the premiere French restaurant here--that's from Oregon's King Estates winery. They're famous for their pinot varietals.

    The magnet has a pic of Michaelangelo's statue of David holding a bottle of wine strategically. Headline: Pinot Envy.

    Go here
    for info on their history. Scroll down to the "South" heading.