Wednesday, December 30, 2009

More about the Dallas Secret Wine Society.

Our Mission and Purpose
Uh oh! The secret must be out. You found us. We are the
from all different walks of life. Some of us know a lot about
wines, some a little and still others know absolutely nothing at
all, but we all come together for the experience of wine. Most
of us do not have any experience at all in the wine industry.
We are just ordinary people, like you, that somewhere along
the road of life, stumbled upon one extraordinary bottle of wine
that changed our lives forever. Maybe it has already happen to
you. If not, I’m sure it will!

There is just something magical about a bottle of wine. What
other beverage can you think of that is different from year to
year and comes in so many styles and flavors? The varieties
are endless. Wine brings us great pleasure, relaxation,
enjoyment and fulfillment. It is also a wonderful way to pass
time with good friends or that special someone.

On this website, you will learn about the different styles of
wine, food and recipes that are a perfect match for particular
styles of wine, wine tips, wine terms, wine as it relates to you in
health, stories and adventures we have shared with wine, and of
course our frequent events and outings that occur once or twice
a month. Our purpose is to bring the wine buying and enjoying
public together. We also intend to introduce new people to the
exciting world of wine by breaking down the ridiculous
stereotypes and misconceptions about wine through education
and fun. Above all else, we want to meet new friends as well as
some old ones and share a glass or two of wine together.

So please feel free to peruse our website. Learn a little; maybe
even give us your ten cents worth! But, by all means, please
come join us and get on our mailing list. Then you will be able
to raise a toast with us the next time we meet over a glass of


Shane Johnson
Dallas Secret Wine Society

The Dallas Secret Wine Society is a FREE wine club, there are no
membership fees, nor will there ever be! However, it does cost money
to run the club and maintain the website, so if the mood strikes, we
do appreciate any donation you make!

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