Saturday, August 31, 2013

Pregnancy-approved Non-Alcoholic beers

Ashley June 6, 2011 at 9:14 am

I should note that Aron’s picks ordered: Clausthaler, St. Pauli, Beck’s, Buckler, Kaliber, ODouls. Mine: Clausthaler, Beck’s, Buckler, Kaliber, St. Pauli, ODouls. Better yet, fly to somewhere like Germany where’s there’s always a good NA beer on the menu at the beer garden.

Since I don't drink beer, I looked for a real NA Beer testing and this one was my a group of pregnant beer drinkers, so you can't do better than that for a review of the NA Beer category!

Over dinner last week, an expectant friend and I were lamenting that we would be setting aside the pleasure of sipping beer on hot days this summer. So for the sake of summer barbecues and pregnant women, Aron and I did our best to judge some commonly found non-alcoholic beers.

The contenders: Kaliber (Ireland, from the brewers of Guinness), St. Pauli (Germany), Clausthaler (Germany), Beck’s (Germany), Buckler (Holland), and O’Douls (U.S., Anheuser-Busch). We had hoped to add Paulaner to the list, as I recall theirs being good, but not a lot of liquor stores stock more than one non-alcoholic option (shocker).

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