Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Off the Drinking Path recommends you save a lot money and have a better time drinking Whiskey by reading: Whiskey Detectives

As in the past, I have recommended a lot of better blogs for making Wine decisions than this one.

I simply don't drink enough or in my case taste enough wines to keep up with good recommendations.
My objective was to write a general, educational blog on wine tasting, based on wines I taste at social and political functions. I hope that you find my archive of  old entries useful.

However, the other day, I find myself in a local liquor store making a poor choice of whiskey.

It is near the winter holidays and I was looking for one brand for my $20 budget and found another brand that will remain nameless for my readers. That evening I poured it for a friend, who is a much better judge of whiskey, he promptly pour it out and told me to stop drinking cheap whiskey: "Life's too short to waste it on cheap booze" was his actually phrasing.  When I explained that it was a $20 whiskey and that was not cheap, at least not to me, he told me to either stick with the brands I like and pay the going rates, buy a smaller bottle of a good brand; or finally, take up reading someone else's blog on the subject of whiskey if I was going to be serving it to him.

So, my reader, you shall profit by my mistake and my $20 will have been well spent after all.

By using my purchased brand as a Google search, I read reviews of several blogs for the same brand I had purchased. Only one blog provided what I considered a fair evaluation of what I purchased this week: Whiskey Detectives -

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  1. Thanks for the shout out. Too bad we couldn't save you before your purchase. Next time maybe. Cheers!