Saturday, August 1, 2015

Wine Color: You’ll never look at a glass of wine the same way


Beyond Red, White and Rosé: Wine Color Decoded

Much can be gleaned from a glance at a wine, including its age, texture, alcohol level and sometimes grape varietal. You’ll never look at a glass of wine the same way

 "The most basic fact about a wine is, of course, its color: red, white or rosé. But a red wine isn’t just red. It can be crimson, ruby, garnet or cherry. Sometimes it’s even a bit brown or orange. A white wine is never truly white. It may be almost colorless, gold, slightly green or yellow. Rosé wine comes in a great range of color, from pale rose to salmon, peach, even vivid pink."   Lettie Teague

I highly recommend reading Teague's WSJ column on Wine, and this is a good example of why.
If you are serious about wine appreciation, color is a good start. Read more at the link above. Watch more at the link below.

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