Friday, July 31, 2009

Blue Moon was there as the Begian Style White Beer...

Just How Good is Blue Moon Beer?: "Beer is drunk just about everywhere in the world while there are many different brands which taste fantastic you may have your own personal favorites. Of these many types and brands you may like the taste of the Blue Moon Beer. This particular beer is an example of a Belgian style white beer. In most instances you should be able to find this brand of beer at your local alcoholic beverages stores, bars, restaurants and sometimes in your local supermarkets.

The Blue Moon Beer is a variety of white beer which is made by Molson Coors
Brewing Company. This beer was presented to the public during 1995. The creator of the Blue Moon Beer is an individual named Keith Villa. Originally Blue Moon Beer was called Bellyslide Belgian White. It was created at the Coors Field’s Sandlot Brewery."

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