Friday, January 15, 2010

2010 is an election year, so it is a great time to sample wines at fund raisers and party club meetings...

I was at a Texas Democrat fund raiser where they were pouring (Gallo) Turning Leaf Pinot Noir. Not expecting much, I was pleasantly surprised. For what must be $8 wine, I found some actual varietal character. There was a definite hint of good old Pinot on the nose and the mouth had the classic cherry taste I associate with Pinot Noirs from the lighter side of the spectrum. It looks like a Rose, so this is not a big surprise either. There was even a hint of tannins on the (admittedly short) finish. It went perfectly with a Greek pizza from Pizza Hut as I listened to the party faithful hope that Texas would be a bit less RED this year.

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